Alikanas or Alykanas, is a small seaside village located just 5km from Demargia Villas that is well-known for its relaxed atmosphere, kid-friendly beaches and overall serene feel. Relax and recharge in this easy-going village, the beaches are some of the best the island has to offer but without the crowds! 


The main road runs along the coastline offering you expansive sea views while you decide which traditional tavern will satisfy your tastebuds. Sprinkled among the restaurants, resorts and olive trees are some of the locals favourite watering holes. Sample the local beverages such as restina, tsipouro, mastika or ozuo while watching the sunset over unspoiled views.


Some of the highly recommended restaurants include the Shoestring Restaurant Beach Bar, which is the best place to eat before going to swim as it has a private alcove right outside its terrace!  For a fancier fine dining experience we recommend Paradosiako Alykes with a rating and delish traditional cuisine served in an aromatic filled garden. For those seeking more fun and loud music there is always DNA Cocktail Bar, with friendly staff plus local drinks it’s sure to deliver a great night out!


Unwind with cool breezes, soft sand and lazy waters at this beloved beach. Famous for being family friendly, warm waters throughout the summer, expansive spaces perfect for crafting sandcastles and for our vampiric tourists there are plenty of umbrellas up for hire. 


Alykanas beach also offers some watersports should you have a family member with excess energy to burn! Boats and jet skis are available for hire so you can explore the gorgeous views along the coastline located nearby or have a rough and tumble on a banana or sofa boat. 

Here you can also book full day or half day trips around the rest of the island, no need to travel into the city centre to see the best Zakynthos has to offer (at better prices too!)


Check out the unforgettable memories you could walk away with this summer with a video tour of some of the most breathtaking sights found along the coastline of Zakynthos Island. See fascinating rock formations, inside sparkling caves, ancient Greek ruins, adorable turtles and more all while enjoying the adventurous atmosphere only found on a festive boat or cruise line. This video was created by a holiday goer just like you, imagine you walking away these memories and more!