Ano Gerakari


This tranquille, hilltop village is the home of the luxurious Demargia A and B villas. Set high atop the hills, this peaceful village offers breathtaking 360° views of olive groves, hundreds of years old, a quietness that cannot be experienced anywhere else on the island and a azure horizon. This harmonious location guarantees a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation. 

Some of the highlights of these villas include:

  • Peace and quiet
  • Astounding views 
  • Private swimming pools 
  • Balconies on each level 
  • Friendly, quiet neighbours 
  • Swimming pool loungers and umbrellas

But the villas aren’t the only great things about Ano Gerakari, this quaint village is also home to two 5 star rated restaurants, one of the most beautiful churches on the island, some of the oldest olive trees on the island and the best valley views the island has to offer!


Situated on top of one of the highest hills on Zakynthos Island, is one of the 316 churches dedicated to Saint Nicholas in Greece. Saint Nicholas who was a devout christian lived in the  village of Patara in Asia Minor around 325 AD (this was considered part of Greece at the time). He was said to be a very kind and generous man owning to the fact that when his wealthy parents died he used his inheritance to feed the hungry, assist the sick and needy as well as looking after helpless children. 


Under the Roman Empire Diocletain he was persecuted and thrown in jail for his beliefs but that did not deter him and upon his release he joined the Council of Niceac, carrying on his great work. He spent his life helping others until he eventually died in 343 AD and was burried in the catholic church. Some years later an unusual relic called the manna was discovered whithin his tomb stone and was said to contain a liquid which had healing properties. This is another one of the reasons Saint Nicholas is so revered in Greece and you can find hundreds of magnificient churches decorated in his honour all over the islands.



Watch this short video to catch a glimpse of the spectacular views visible from the top of Ano Gerakari and the kind of views you could be waking up to every morning on your Greek vacation. Our Demargia Villa A and B are situated just 5 minutes walking distance from the Churhc of St Nicholas as seen in the video. Meaning these views are the ones you could enjoy while sipping your early morning coffee!