Blue Caves Zakynthos


One of the most prominent attractions in all of Greece is this unforgettable stretch of limestone arches, caves and rock formations that perfectly reflects the cobalt blue waters below. This fascinating light phenomenon creates an air of mystery and otherworldly atmosphere that is rare to come by. Being only accessible by boat further adds to the unearthly feel of the caves and is a once in a lifetime experience. 


The biggest of the caves, Kianoun is able to accommodate small to medium sized vessels and offers tourists a chance to experience the reflecting lights while admiring large stalactites adorning the top of the cave. Going inside the cave is like stepping into an entirely new world, a world of turquoise enigmas, starting with your skin turning a magnificent shade of blue! The best time to visit this cave is in the morning where there is the most light, the more light the stronger the light phenomenon gets. 


Most boat tours make a pit stop at the blue caves while touring the island, however few group tours offer entering the Kianoun cave so be sure to enquire specifically about Kianoun if you wish to get the complete Blue Cave experience! However the limestone arches, caves and formations visible along the coastline are just as memorable as Kianoun cave. Created by erosion over a few hundred years, the stark contrast between azure waters and white limestone still provide a feast for the eyes and are not to be missed!


At the Northernmost tip of Zakynthos you will come across the Skinari Lighthouse, the lighthouse was built in 1897 and still guides vessels crossing between Zakynthos and Kefalonia. 


From this viewpoint you get marvellous views of the sparkling, clear waters below, natural vegetation only found on Zakynthos island and various private boat trips to the famous blue caves and shipwreck cove!  


While absorbing the incredible views you can enjoy an authentic Greek meal at the local tavern and watch the numerous boats cruising past the lighthouse. This spot is a popular destination for relaxing after a busy day of sightseeing. 



Take a closer look at the blue caves with this incredible video that shows you the wondrous caves, limestone arches, azure waters and the surreal atmosphere you can experience while visiting the blue caves. Be sure to pay attention to how the water changes colour depending on the light exposure, cave depth and angle of the camera, not anywhere else in the world can you see such a variety of blues naturally in one place! Simply magnificent!