Keri caves and cape of marathia


One of the most popular collections of sea caves and rock arches found off the coast of the Marthia Village on Zakynthos Island. These mesmerising formations are only accessible by boat or jet ski and are also known as the Keri Grotto. The crystal clear water has a depth of approximately 20 metres which allows boats to get up close and personal with the caves, many trips also anchor next to the caves. 


These swim stops allow you to swim into the cave to admire their unusual shapes, array of white hues and soak up the rich in sulphur sea water. Zakynthos Island is known for having water that is rich in both collagen and sulphur, thanks to the numerous natural springs that flow into the surrounding sea. Making the water around the island perfect for relaxing in while getting a free spa treatment for your skin! 


Cape of Marthia is another favoured stop along the boat trips offered around the island. The spectacular rock cliffs provide the perfect backdrop for pictures, snorkelling, sunbathing and relaxing. The stark contrast between sky blue seas and white rocks makes for an unforgettable experience. 


For those with a private tour there is a secluded beach nearby called the Marathias Beach, where you can avoid the crowds while absorbing the wonderful views. The sweeping cliffs, white pebbles and lush vegetation will leave you in a whimsical mood.   

Zakynthos Aerial Video

Ignite your travel desires with this expertly captured tour of the Keri Caves and its wonderful views. The video gives you the sense of the size, wonder and fun to be found while exploring one of Greece’s unique cliff formations. The cliffs are open to the public from May to October, the popular summer months offering you the warm Greek sun as an added cherry on top of this unforgettable experience.