Shipwreck view point and Cove


Arguably the most iconic and picturesque beach in the whole of Greece, Shipwreck Cove, or Navagio Beach as the locals fondly call it, attracts thousands of tourists every summer. Whether you choose to admire the impossibly white pebbles and azure waters from above or opt to take a boat tour you are guaranteed to have your breath taken away. 


The sequestrated beach is located along the North West coast of Zakynthos island, where it is enclosed by limestone cliffs, crystal clear waters and white pebbly sands. The shockingly bright white walls provide the perfect backdrop for the spectral sight of the abandoned Panagiotis slowly decaying in the middle of the beach. A striking beauty that was created by the unusual collision of nature and man. 


The Panagiotis was said to be a merchant ship that was abandoned by its owners when it crashed into the limestone walls that now watch over its slow demise. The ship crashed while trying to evade authorities who believed the merchants were smuggling alcohol or cigarettes. However the story has yet to be confirmed, but that only adds to the excitement, mystery and wonder Shipwreck Cove exudes. 


For those with their own transport we would highly recommend driving out to the viewpoint of Shipwreck Cove. The world renowned beach and shipwreck is a must-visit for all photography enthusiasts. Here you can sit among the sand coloured rocks and lush vegetation while getting a bird’s eye view of the iconic shipwreck two hundred metres below. 


A few tips for getting those instagram worthy pics! First you have to park your car in the designated car lot, which can be crowded in the busy summer months! Next there is an official viewing platform which offers average vantage points. We recommend you walk a bit further along the rocks in order to get yourself into the picture with the unforgettable shipwreck. 


The mind-blowing colours, sights and waters are captured flawlessly in this drone footage. You get to see the astonishing views from both the mountain top and get a closer, in-depth look at the ship itself. Not to mention it artfully records the incredibly blue waters, ghost white walls and miraculous scenery all while playing a relaxing melody. Relax, enjoy and admire!