Tsilivi Beach


Tsilivi, also known as Planos, is a popular tourist spot located on the northeastern coast of Zakynthos island. Known for its spectacular beaches, delightful restaurants, boat trips, botanical gardens and the Tsilivi Waterpark, this village has quickly become a travellers favourite. Tsilivi is just 4km from Zante Town and is easily accessible by bus or the local taxi service on 00302695048400. 

 The Tsilivi Waterpark is the youngest waterpark on the island, with construction being completed in May 2010. The park features a wide range of slides that cater to visitors of all ages, from toddlers in the kiddie pool and up to the elderly with its lazy river or sunbeds. The park also features its own restaurant, where you can enjoy sweet snacks, refreshing cocktails and flavourful food while your feet dangle in the cool water of the park. 


A recipient of the blue flag award for their magnificent beaches that leave visitors amazed at the crystal clear waters, white beaches and the calming effect of simply swimming in these waters. The three best beaches in Tsilivi are:


Set in a small bay surrounded by resorts and taverns, the sleepy waters make for a picturesque background for those wishing to relax under the soothing sun. Bouka beach is also a popular snorkelling destination thanks to its shallow waters and calm waters, beginners or pros are sure to see a variety of beautiful fishes.


For an in-depth look at the marvellous experiences awaiting you on Zakynthos Island feast your eyes on this aerial video created by Dimitris Stravolemos. The video artfully captures the awe-inspiring views, curious rock formations, rich history, and stark contrasts in colours visible along the coast. 

While appreciating the video and fantasising about the possible unforgettable moments you could have on the island, you are listening to a famous Greek musician, George Dalaras. This is one of his most famous songs Omorfi Ke Paraxeni Patrida, which translates to Beautiful And Strange Homeland. A fitting song for this mysterious island and its landscape.

tsilivi Beach Walkthrough

Check out this lovely video of exploring the village of Tsilivi and Planos. Artfully captured are the numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops, all ready to satisfy your every craving! The video shows the main street in the village that eventually leads you down to the sprawling white sandy beaches with an abundance of sun loungers that you can use to soak up the summer sun. All credit for this video goes to JustGreece.com, a Greek guide to all the best things Greece has to offer, with Zakynthos certainly being one of them!