Zante Town is the main town on Zakynthos island in Greece and is home to the central port. The charming port town is the ideal place to book tours, dine on authentic cuisine, relish in historic architecture, purchase pristine olive oil and soak in the relaxed atmosphere of coastal life. All while admiring the ruins of the Bóchali Venetian Castle and the flower-adorned cafes. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in the town include:

Agios Dionysios Church

Dionysios Solomon Square

Nightlife clubs and rooftop bars

Family-run restaurants along the port

Museum of D Solomos and Eminent People of Zakynthos


Make the most of your time in Zakythnos, Greece by staying in this luxurious apartment right in the heart of the town! Walk to local restaurants, markets, and landmarks or tour the island from the bus station and central port. 

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Zakynthos Aerial Video

For an in-depth look at the marvellous experiences awaiting you on Zakynthos Island, Greece feast your eyes on this aerial video created by Dimitris Stravolemos. The video artfully captures the awe-inspiring views, curious rock formations, rich history, and stark contrasts in colours visible along the coast. 

While appreciating the video and fantasising about the possible unforgettable moments you could have on the island, you are listening to a famous Greek musician, George Dalaras. This is one of his most famous songs Omorfi Ke Paraxeni Patrida, which translates to Beautiful And Strange Homeland. A fitting song for this mysterious island and its landscape.