Top 8 attractions in zakynthos greece

Explore Zakynthos Greece


Are you planning a holiday to Zakynthos? Then read this blog as we list the top 10 attractions in Zakynthos that bring in thousands of visitors each year.

The island of Zakynthos is world-renowned for its breathtaking sandy beaches and picturesque scenery. Unlike the other islands which are known for their rich history and architecture, Zakynthos is known to provide the perfect backdrop for any relaxing holiday. 

Shipwreck Cove (also known as Navagio Beach)

Located in the Northeast of Zakynthos you can find the shipwreck of the MV Panagiotis, which was a container ship that ran aground in 1980. Surrounded by steep, white limestone cliffs and clear blue waters, any photo enthusiast must see this.

The wreck can be viewed from a viewing platform at the top of one of the cliffs or if you want to get up close and inside the wreck, a boat trip will have to be booked in advance, as this beach can only be accessed from the water.

There are various ports from which you can book a tour or hire a boat depending on your preference, Porto Vromi, Agios Nikolaos Port in Volimes or directly from Zakynthos Town on the east coast are a few options.

Visit Turtle Island (marathonisi islet)

This uninhabited islet is found in Laganas Bay, south of Zakynthos. Marathonisi and the Zakynthos National Marine Park are protected areas as they form a part of the hatching grounds for the loggerhead sea turtle, which comes ashore in the Summer to lay their eggs. 

These turtles are said to be one of the oldest lifeforms on Earth and can grow up to 90 centimeters in length. By booking a trip to visit the island you could have the chance to snorkel alongside these amazing creatures!

Swim & Sunbathe at Porto Limnionas Beach

Just a short drive from Agios Leon village you will uncover this incredible natural harbour, with its multicoloured cliffs, underwater bridge and abundance of caves this beach has become one of the most popular on the island. 

The local restaurants have set up sun loungers along the slopes providing the perfect viewing point while relaxing in the sun. So grab a drink and take in one of the best sceneries Zakynthos has to offer. 

Be amazed at the Blue Caves

Only accessible by boat, these awe-inspiring caves can be found along the Northern Tip of the Island. The white limestone reflects the blue light from the ocean to form the most enchanting atmosphere. 

You can book a trip at the little harbour in Skinari which is located near the Skinari lighthouse and just minutes away from the caves. Don’t forget your swimsuit and definitely don’t be alarmed if your skin changes colour in the unique light display!

Drink cocktails on Tsilivi Beach

Tsilivi Beach is made up of long stretches of white sand and clear blue waters. It is also home to numerous beach bars and restaurants, perfect for a day of relaxation. The cocktails are reasonably priced and come in various flavours and sizes.

Tsilivi Beach is said to host some of the most delicious food found in Zakynthos as well! After a day of chilling and swimming head into town for a tasty adventure! Mingle with the locals and get a real sense of life on Zakynthos island. 

Explore Zakynthos Town (also known as Zante)

While Zakynthos is not as well known for its exquisite architecture as some of its fellow Greek cities it does have a few beautiful buildings to visit, such as the Agios Dionisios Church, which houses ancient relics of St Dionysios, the island’s patron saint.

The paved streets are lined with various bakeries, boutiques, cafes and more that are pleasing to the eye. There is also the ruined Venetian Castle located in the village of Bohali that can be explored.

Explore Keri Cliffs

Known for some of the best views of the sunset or sunrise in Greece are the Keri Cliffs. Located at the South of the island near the Keri Lighthouse (another noteworthy attraction) these cliffs offer spectacular views of the horizon.

From Keri Town, you can also book a boat tour to the Keri Caves, which are located below the cliffs and present the 300 meter high cliffs in an entirely different light. The Keri Caves are also often included along with turtle spotting tours as the deep waters attract all kinds of marine life.

Book a Boat Trip

The coastline around Zakynthos island is one of the most magnificent in the world. No matter which side of the island you tour, you will not be disappointed. The various caves, islets, cliffs, colours and clear waters will far exceed your imagination.

You can hire the boat yourself or make use of a captain for a nominal price. Having a boat to yourself means you can stop wherever you like to swim or get that perfect shot. Take a picnic with you and spend the day out on the water, I guarantee you won’t regret it!